Bhart Group of Institutions

Practical Examination Notice

The Viva-Voce examination for Practical Training schedule:-

LLB 3rd Sem. Subject-“Drafting and Pleading”

LLB 5th Sem. Subject-“Alternate Dispute Resolution(ADR)”

Shell be conducting on 23-Dec.-2023 at 10:00 AM in college campus.

BALLB 7th Sem. Subject-“Professional Ethics”

BALLB 9th Sem. Subject-“Drafting Pleading”

Shell be conducting on 28-Dec.-2023 at 10:00 AM in college campus.

Students should take note following instruction:-

  1. The viva-voce examination shall be conducted in the offline mode.
  2. Student should carry their college I-Card with them, and they should be dressed in college uniform.
  3. Student should adhere to the schedule of the viva-voce examination and must be present on the given date and time.
  4. Only student who have submitted their practical dairy are permitted to give the viva. Students who are note submitted their practical dairy are directed to submit dairy to the concerned teacher to be corrected before their viva.