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Bharat College Of Education

Bharat College Of Education

In Order Fulfill this mission of enlightenment and transformation the college helps
the prospective teachers to acquire.
1. Academic and professional competencies.
2. Creative thinking and innovative participation.
3. Emotional stability, strength of character and positive attitude towards life.
4. Sensitivity towards social issue-poverty, Literacy, destitution, environmental
pollution erosion of Human values and also awareness about the duties and
right of citizenship.
5. Effective Communication skill and leadership qualities.
6. Habits of health and hygiene, self-study and accretion.

If you’re an educational professional who are looking to progress into management and consultancy, or an educational planning or development role, this is the best degree for you.

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    Why Study Here?


    Name of Program

    B.ED, DE.LE.ED & D.P.ED Regular Course

    Courses and Duration
    Affiliated to KUKB.ED2 YearIntake 200
    Affiliated to HBSEDE.LE.ED2 YearIntake 50
    Affiliated to KUKD.P.ED2 YearIntake 50
    Eligibility Criteria

    B.ED:  Bachelor degree and Master degree with 50% marks.
    D.EL.ED:  12th with 50% marks.
    D.P.ED :  12th with 45% marks.

    Age Limit

    B.ED:  35 Year
    D.EL.ED: 35 Year
    D.P.ED: 35 Year

    Career Option & Placement opportunities B.ED & D.EL.ED-

    ➢ With B.ED degree you can work in school, Education Department, Coaching Centers, Education Consultancies home and Private tuitions etc.
    ➢ Job opportunities after B.ED- Teacher are in demand in both Private and Government sectors. After earning B.ED degree, you will be eligible to get job in secondary and higher secondary schools.
    ➢ Jon opportunities after DE.LE.ED – Teacher are in demand in both Private and Government sectors. After earning DE.LE.ED, you will be eligible to get job in Primary School.

    We envision Bharat College of Education as a catalyst for development educated, engaged and employable individuals whose collective energy will be the driving force prosperity and the quality of life in our diverse communities and to provide a nurturing environment, to develop future leader for the service of the country and whole world, we will do this by helping our students to develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge.
    The Mission of Bharat College of Education to provide innovative educational environments, opportunities and experiences that enable individuals, communities and the region to grow, thrive and prosper. The College’s mission is partially prescribed by the district Kurukshetra and it responds to the purpose of a comprehensive community college.