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LegalStix Law School, a division of LegalStix Innovations Private Limited, delivers an exceptional online learning experience for law students. The faculty at LegalStix includes seasoned legal professionals such as lawyers, judges, and legal scholars, ensuring the sharing of practical knowledge. They offer thorough exam preparation that encompasses all areas of the curriculum.

The team of expert faculty at LegalStix consists of experienced lawyers, judges, and legal scholars who bring a wealth of practical knowledge and academic expertise to the table. With their guidance and assistance, students can anticipate a comprehensive approach to exam preparation that addresses every facet of the curriculum.

LegalStix’s easy-to-use online platform enables students to conveniently access courses. Recognizing the challenges of balancing law school with other commitments, they provide flexibility and personalized support to help students succeed.

Brilliant Forensic Investigation

Brilliant-Forensic-Investigation Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading private forensic science lab providing Forensic Services all over India. Brilliant-Forensic-Investigation Private Limited is a Private Company incorporated on 22 April 2016 and is classified as Non-govt company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Ministry of Corporate Affairs of Delhi, India (MCA) . Brilliant-Forensic-Investigation private Forensic Lab is Directed and managed by Forensic Expert Adarsh Mishra, a well-known and passionate forensic scientist of India serving his forensic expertise all over India. The Head office of Brilliant-Forensic-Investigation (BFI) is located in Janakpuri, New Delhi. They unite well-experienced forensic experts across the state having in-depth knowledge of different fields of forensic science. They focus on the unique set of challenges in the field of forensic science and help to administer events and examinations in order to ensure best forensic services to clients.

Forensic Expert Services

They are determined to provide best forensic services for civil as well as criminal cases related to Forensic Evidence analysis and investigation Services. They also provide consultation on various types of crimes such as murder, suicide or hanging case, rape cases, fabricated suicide, hit and run cases, false allegation by family, friends, co-workers, wife etc., Forgery of signatures, forged will analysis, theft case investigation and private detective services for pre-matrimonial as well as post-matrimonial investigation.


  • Forensic handwriting identification Services
  • Signature Examination & verification services
  • Forensic Examination and verification of Questioned Documents,
  • Fingerprint Development From Crime Scene
  • Fingerprint identification and verification Services, 
  • Fingerprinting for Police clearance certificate (PCC) Services
  • Mobile Data Recovery (WhatsApp, Call log, media)
  • Hard Disk Forensics (Storage media data recovery)
  • Cyber Forensic Investigation 
  • Audio  Verification Services
  • Video analysis & authentication services
  • Photograph Tampering Analysis
  • Theft case investigation
  • crime scene investigation and crime scene reconstruction, 
  • Medico-legal Consultation
  • Arson Cases investigation
  • DNA Fingerprinting Services- paternity testing, Maternity Testing
  • Detective and Private Investigation Services
  • Polygraph or Lie Detection Test

Rubicon Skill Development Pvt. Ltd

Rubicon Skill Development Pvt. Ltd. is committed to transforming lives through the power of education and skill development. Their mission is to equip individuals with essential skills, promote self-sufficiency, and support the growth of healthy families and communities. By empowering individuals with practical knowledge and tools, Rubicon Skill Development Pvt. Ltd. aims to create a positive impact on society and foster a culture of self-reliance.


With a vision to empower one million people financially through skill development by 2030, Rubicon Skill Development Pvt. Ltd. recognizes the critical role that skills play in unlocking opportunities for personal and community prosperity. Through strategic partnerships, innovative initiatives, and cutting-edge educational programs, they strive to create pathways for individuals to acquire valuable skills that will enable them to succeed in various aspects of their lives.


Rubicon Skill Development Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to building a future where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and lead fulfilling lives. By investing in education, training, and mentorship programs, they are paving the way for individuals to achieve their full potential and contribute positively to society. Through their holistic approach to skill development, Rubicon Skill Development Pvt. Ltd. is shaping a brighter future for generations to come.