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Why Choose Bharat Group Of Institutions

We are one of the largest, most diverse institutes in the Kurukshetra with over 2500 students in the Group.

Bharat Group of Institutions, Babain(Kurukshetra) offers professional courses in field of “, Nursing, Pharmacy, Law and Elementary Education“. Education is a lifetime investment and we believes to make commitment of sparkling future of students through best educator to make students investment worth. Bharat Group of Institutions gives a truly global education to explore new ideas and experiences. Its Aim is to liberate education and channelize student energy in positive and productive direction. The courses offered by us have practical focus in providing the wider aspect for job experience. Students are taught by experienced teaching staff and get benefited by exposure through Industry, Field trip, Internship, Practical assignments, Guest lecture, Seminar and Workshop which provides professional learning and opening up avenues for the gleamed future. Professional growth is encouraged through the development of a port-folio, a credential file, real world interviews and other experience directly related to gaining employment and collective success.

Prof. Kailasho Devi

Member of Parliament (Kurukshetra) - 12th & 13th Lok Sabha & Social Worker

“Earn the Skills and feel the Change”

I strongly believe that only knowing things is not sufficient in the current scenario until you convert them into real life. Education is a key factor for drawing and developing creativity inherent in students. Education is the most important area of the service sector as it provides the required knowledge and skill to do any work.

Digital Library

Bharat Group of Institutions provide collection of digital representations of information content, along with hardware, software, and personnel working under defined organisations to support the functions of a traditional library within a virtual context for a defined user community or communities.

Computer Lab

Bharat Group of Institutions provide well-designed and separate computer labs for students run by a well-educated and qualified faculty, with one-on-one access, which means there is one computer for each student.

Smart Classes

Bharat Group of Institutions provide Smart Class is edtech-upgraded classroom that cultivate education by opening doors to digital teaching and learning methods for both the teachers and the students by coordinating latest advancements in technology with academics.Smart class technology ensures the education reaches every student with different level of understanding equally.

Activity Room

The activity room is where the children can come in small groups and experience activities, interaction and any other planned activities. Herein we have games, arts/crafts, and story sacks. We feel it’s very important for children to experience small group work as well as individual and large group work, so this quiet extension gives the children every opportunity.

Video Tour in Bharat Group

Take a tour in Bharat Group and you will find the best Group Of Institutions in the state. The video will take you to every place in this university.

Chairman Message (Bharat Group of Institutions)

Our vision is based on hard work, open communication, a strong emphasis on team work and a high level of responsibility. This visionary culture allows and emphasis our wards not only to adopt the present day challenges but also individual responsibilities to the society and our nation at large.

Director (Administration), Bharat Group of Institutions

Without Education there is no meaning of a Society and Professional Education is the backbone of our Society. Education should be imparted in such a way that along with a successful career, it should contribute to Society and Nation and shall undoubtedly ensure that the hard-earned money of the parents is put to best use.